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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Celebrate the Fourth

With family and friends;

Thank God for freedom.

The Fourth of July

Calls forth patriotism,

American pride.

Independence Day:

Americans celebrate

Freedom won for us.

Freedom is not free;

Freedom comes with a high price . . .

Someone died for it.

We remember those

Who strove to build our nation

And fought for freedom.

They risked their lives to

Secure freedom for others

And a better life.

Jesus died for us.
He gave His life to free us
From sin, death, and the devil.

The Holy Spirit

Sets us free from old ways

To reflect Christ’s love.

Religious freedom –

A responsibility

And a privilege.

We fall on our knees

And we pray for our nation

That God may bless it.

Turn from evil ways;

Awake us, Lord, to follow

Your laws and values.

Let Your will be done

In me, the church, our nation;

May we follow You.

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