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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Will I Respond as Ananias Did?


God asked him to go
To visit a murderer,
The one who had killed

His friends and wanted
To kill him and God’s people:
Saul, the persecutor;

Saul, who dragged people
Off, putting them in prison,
Threatening with death.

In spite of the risk,
Ananias obeyed God:
Ananias went.

Sightless, broken, Saul
Awaited Ananias.

Ananias spoke,
“Brother Saul,” he said. (Brother!
How could he say that?!)

After what Saul did,
Ananias still forgave!
He touched Saul and said,

“Brother Saul, Jesus
Sent me to give you your sight.
He sent me to you

So you, Saul, may be
Filled with the Holy Spirit.”
God had plans for Saul.

Saul could see and was baptized;
Saul’s life was transformed.

Saul began to preach:
“Jesus is the Son of God.”
Multitudes were saved.

What could have happened
If Ananias had bowed
To fear and logic

And refused to go?
Saul, later Apostle Paul,
Became a writer

And missionary
Who brought many to Jesus,
Growing God’s Kingdom.

Ananias let
The Lord humbly work through him,
And the church was blessed.

How will I respond?
When Christ says, “Go,” will I go,
Like Ananias?

Or will I choose my
Comfort zone, failing to act,
Failing to share Christ?

Will I remain in
My predictable church pew,
Never inviting

Someone new to church?
What am I willing to do
To bring souls to Christ?

Today, our culture
Is becoming non-Christian,
Forsaking values

Held dear by Christians.
This beckons a return to
Early church practice.

Missional living
Is the Biblical way of

It’s how the first church,
By personal example,
Brought people to Christ.

We are sent to be
The hands and feet of Jesus
To those in our lives.

God’s Word is taught and
Preached, engaging with people
As blessing agents.

How am I willing
To live in community
To win souls for Christ?

God designs a role
For each of us to play in
Redemption’s story.

The Holy Spirit
Will equip us with power
To answer the call.

Bible Reading: Acts 9:1-19

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