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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Veteran's Day Memory

The following art association poem is written by one of my sixth grade students at Salem Lutheran School in Tomball, Texas, Nicole Grant:

Painting, “The American Way,” by Norman Rockwell
Poem, “Veteran’s Day Memory,” by Nicole Grant

When I feed my daughter, I feel passion.
As she opens her mouth, I smile;
She smiles back and says,
“Why are you smiling, Daddy?”
I say, “I’m going to miss that pretty little smile upon your face.”
As I leave to go into the battle field, I remember her smile.
It brings an idea to my mind:
“When I see her smile, I will fight for her and for my country.”
As I am walking away, I turn back and look at her.
I see her sitting right where I left her.
I see tear drops coming from her eyes.
She tells me to be safe,
And that she will be right where I left her
When I come back from the battle field.
So I say, “I love you,” and walk away.

Happy Veterans’ Day
November 11, 2011

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