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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seminary President Election Process


In his role as Chairman of the Board of Regents, Wayne was responsible for the entire transition process at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The responsibilities included coordinating activities with the synodical president, synod's Board of Directors, the seminary's Board of Regents, the candidates, and President and Mrs. Wenthe. Wayne directed the entire process that involved the candidate interviews, the election, reporting the election decision to all the candidates, and announcing the decision to the entire church body. Wayne and I met with our dear friends, President and Mrs. Wenthe, to bid them farewell and place closure on his wonderful presidency of fifteen years. Wayne also choreographed the farewell banquet to the Wenthe's, gift to the Wenthe's from us, and retirement package to President Wenthe from the Regents. Following the announcement to the synod of the election results, Wayne then met with the new seminary president to strategically plan into the seminary's future. We also met with the new president and his wife to congratulate them on the new position and encourage them in their new roles. It was a tremendously busy week, very fulfilling and gratifying.

I was moved to write the haiku poem below after Wayne made the announcement to the synod and we were inundated with overwhelming words of kindness and gratitude that touched us deeply:

"Wayne's magnificent!"
Synod's president told me;
"Best process ever!"

"Wayne's fair, kind, and wise . . .
Leads with grace, humor, and skill --
Charity prevails."

The Regents spoke praise:
"Never been in a process
So capably led!"

Honor and integrity
Mark his leadership."

Grateful thanks come from
The candidates and spouses
Who felt uplifted;

Regents, who applaud
His outstanding leadership,
Work effectively.

Thank You, God, for Wayne;
Koininia thrives through him --
A gift to the church.

Kathy Graumann
May 21, 2011

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