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Sunday, June 5, 2011


Full-time grandmother:

Six grandchildren this summer –

My days are quite full!

Supervising them,

Providing activities,

Keeping them involved;

Potty training one,

A teen, ‘tween, and six- year-old

Make for a full house!

Meeting children’s needs,

Cooking, cleaning, and laundry,

Leave no time for Wayne.

Neglecting husband,

While devoting self to kids,

Is surely not good.

I have little time

For reading, writing, study,

And correspondence.

I cannot fit in

Relaxing, exercise, and

Deep cleaning my home.

Help me, Lord, avoid

Depression and self-pity;

Let me count my gifts.

I shall make a plan

To take care of Wayne and self

To maintain good health.

I want to thank God

For the opportunity

To influence kids.

May God give me grace

To offer love and nurture,

Serving all with joy.

n  A Haiku Poem by Kathy Graumann

n  June 5, 2011

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