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Saturday, June 11, 2011

40th Wedding Anniversary

40th Wedding Anniversary

June 19, 1971 - June 19, 2011

Wayne and Kathy Graumann

A Haiku Poem to Honor the Occasion


Forty years of wedded joy –

What a ride it’s been!

So young and in love,

We consecrated our lives

Before God’s altar.

On our wedding day

I promised my dear husband,

Through my poetry,

That I’d be his wife,

And forsaking all others,

Be faithful to him.

Poor, but filled with hope,

We united hearts in Christ

To launch our marriage.

At seminary,

Mount Calvary, Raymondville,

And Salem, Tomball,

We left fingerprints.

Micah and Greta joined us

In our Christian home.

We bore pain untold

And weathered storms unnumbered;

We each have known grief.

We’ve carried burdens –

Our journey’s not been easy –

God was always there.

Though broken vessels,

God molded us for service:

We’ve been used by Him.

Through the years, love grew;

Commitment to each other

Was solidified.

Better together

God was good to unite us –

A team serving Him.

We both recognized

Because we had each other

We were more complete.

Each became more what

God created us to be

As our love blossomed.

Through ev’ry season

God’s promises sustained us;

Our faith was secure.

Love and faithfulness

Have been written on our hearts

As we’ve followed Christ.

We’ve trusted the Lord

And acknowledged Him always;

He’s guided our path.

God’s Word fills our souls;

We follow its instruction –

God has blessed our home.

Blessings abundant –

Never could we imagine

God’s gracious favor.

With Jesus in us,

His character lives within;

We will follow Him.

We pray fervently

As we look to the future:

Bind us together;

Grant us many years

Of service in God’s Kingdom

Blessed with joy and peace.

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