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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jesus, Our Immanuel

A Haiku Poem

Our Immanuel --
The God of the universe
Residing in us.

He's our Shekhinah --
The incarnate Messiah
Who lived among us.

Born of a virgin,
Jesus became one of us
To atone for sin.

Holy and blameless,
Son of God and Son of Man,
The Word became flesh.

Acquainted with grief,
He was wounded for our sin,
Suffering death's curse.

He's our sin-bearer,
The Lamb of God sacrificed:
Sin's penalty paid.

His death made amends
For our sin, once and for all;
Jesus' death saved us.

In awe of His grace,
Our souls magnify the Lord
In worship and praise.

Divine mystery,
A high and holy treasure,
God now lives in us.

He shares our sorrows,
And brings His healing Presence;
He's our greatest Hope.

His Presence instills
Life-giving courage daily,
Grace beyond measure.

Genuine gladness:
Contagious joy is the fruit
Of God's indwelling.

As we celebrate
The birth of Christ this Christmas,
May your heart rejoice.

Be blessed with His Peace
And divine Presence in you;
Share the joy Christ gives.

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