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Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Last Mega Church Conference -- January 25-28, 2012

A Haiku Poem

We are on our way
To the Mega Church Conf'rence,
Gath'ring among friends,

People we've held dear
In our hearts over the years,
Friends with whom we've shared

Life and ministry.
As senior pastor and wife,
This will be our last

Fellowship with them
This side of heaven. There is
Heartfelt emotion

As we bid farewell
And introduce Tim Niekerk
To this stellar group

Of leaders and wives
In our Luth'ran church body
Who share a passion

To connect people
To Jesus, Who died and rose
From the grave--for us.

May Tim and Kristen
Be as blessed as we have been
Through this fellowship.

We rejoice that God
Has chosen a capable
Man to take Wayne's place.

It is time for us
To leave. As we pass the torch,
We pray God's blessings

Upon each of you
In your life and ministry.
May you continue

To serve zealously,
Strengthening The Luth'ran Church
Missouri Synod,

Leading faithfully,
Transforming what is broken
And giving new life.

God will be with you,
Equipping you for service
To grow His Kingdom.

Work diligently,
Giving all glory to God,
And you will be blessed.

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