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Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Home

Our dream home that was built by Dean Gaertner
Has blessed many in its twenty-three years,
Offering selfless service and fellowship
To dignitaries, family, and precious peers.

It's been a place of peace and a fountain of joy
Providing a stable, dependable harbor
For our children and grandchildren through the years:
An oasis of unconditional love and nurture,

A spiritual haven and inspiring respite,
Center of healing for body, spirit, and soul...
A sanctified home where God's love and grace dwell,
And a place of visioning toward a heavenly goal.

Soon our children will leave this tranquil setting
To establish their own Christian home,
Demonstrating responsible independence
And making the world a better place. Shalom!

No longer will we need a home to house a large family.
Is it time to let this home we love bless another family
While we move into a smaller domicile,
Creating a new location of serenity?

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