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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Grandparents' Day/Grandchildren Writing


On March 9, 2012, students at Salem Lutheran School will honor their grandparents during a special chapel service. The students in my writing elective are writing poetry and essays to give to their grandparents on this day. I have given them several writing opportunities for their presentation.

1. They may honor their grandparents with a cinquain poem , as follows:
First line: Grandparent (example)
Second line: Two adjectives describing their grandparent
Third line: Three verbs depicting activities of their grandparent
Fourth line: A four word sentence about their grandparent
Fifth line: A synonym of line one, such as Papa, Pawpaw, Poppy, Grandpa

2. They may write an acrostic poem, using this format:

Students use each letter to begin a short phrase, using descriptive adjectives and action verbs, to describe the letter shown in the left hand column.

3. They may also write an essay that includes these points: memory, life lesson, feelings, and details. Topic choices may include:
• The best day they have had with their grandparent
• A memorable adventure with their grandparents
• How their grandparent has made a difference in their life
• A favorite memory of their grandparent
• A time they received encouragement from their grandparent
• A special gift from their grandparent that made a difference in their life
• A character trait or value of their grandparent that they want to emulate in their own life
• A memory they want to keep forever about their grandparent if everything else were erased from their memory

To provide an example for my students, I have written an acrostic poem in honor of my grandchildren: Deja, Kaylah, Mikayla, Miranda, Aurora, and Micah.

My precious grandchildren are
Youthful: 16, 13, 11, 10, 7, and 2 years of age.

God has graciously blessed us with
Respectful, redeemed grandchildren, baptized into the Christian faith.
Attractive, athletic, academically-focused, they are
Naturally-gifted young people.
Dedicated to excellence,
Called into fellowship with Jesus,
Happiness and joy are reflected through them,
Infecting the spirits of those they meet. The
Love of Jesus motivates them to live
Disciplined lives that are
Radiant in the joy of the Lord.
Every day their grandfather and I thank God for His
Notable gift to us of our treasured grandchildren.

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