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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pregnancy and Abortion in Diamante Contrast

Last evening my husband and I attended the Tomball Pregnancy Center Banquet held in the Community Center at Salem Lutheran Church for the purpose of funding the ministry of the pregnancy center. As I listened to State Senator Dan Patrick speak about initiatives in our Texas state government formulated to promote life, a diamante poem contrasting pregnancy and abortion was formed in my mind.

To write a diamante poem, one begins with two words that seem like opposites. In this case, pregnancy and abortion became the theme of this poem. Common adjectives and verbs tie the two opposites together. A diamante poem encourages people to look at opposites in a new way. Here is the formula for a diamante poem:

1. One noun
2. Two adjectives that describe line 1
3. Three verbs that describe line 1
4. Four nouns, two referring to line 1 and two referring to line 7
5. Three verbs that describe line 7
6. Two adjectives that describe line 7
7. One noun that is the opposite of line 1

This is the diamante poem I penned as the senator spoke:

Living, expectant
Sustaining, germinating, developing
Propagation, creation, expulsion, murder
Terminating, eliminating, destroying
Dying, feticidal

Kathy Graumann
February 25, 2012

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