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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Malaria Initiative through Persuasive Writing

This past week I introduced my students to persuasive writing. Persuasive writing is powerful writing intended to convince the reader that a certain point of view is the best one or that action needs to be taken. Its purpose is to influence the reader to change the way he or she thinks or acts. In persuasive writing, the writer states and supports an opinion, then attempts to convince the reader, through argument or persuasion, to believe or do as the writer desires. The writer takes a stand, using compelling evidence why the reader should agree. The writer must have at least three well-elaborated reasons for his position.

The topic on which I asked the students to write is Salem's Kids Caring for Kenya Project, which is part of the malaria initiative of Lutheran World Relief. Below is an example of persuasive writing, provided by Alex Francis, a sixth grade student at Salem Lutheran School in Tomball, Texas:

How much money do you normally spend in a day? Now take a second to think about what you spend it, toys, decorations, jewelry. Many of these things cost about ten dollars or even more, and they are normally way overpriced and don't have lasting importance. For just ten dollars, we can save a child's life! Isn't that amazing knowing that you can do something so life-changing for another person for only ten dollars?!

We have been blessed to have so much, such as medicine and doctors, but children in Kenya are not as fortunate, and they need our help. Hundreds of kids in Kenya suffer and die from a disease called malaria. You get malaria by getting bit by a mosquito, and a simple net can prevent being bitten.

Some children are only infants when they are bit, and all at once, all of the hopes, dreams, and things they and their parents wanted to accomplish in life cannot happen anymore. They have friends and family just like we do, and it is very sad for everyone when a loved one is lost.

Every time we buy a mosquito net we can save a life. Some of the kids have not had the chance to hear God's Word or even read the Bible. They do not know how much God loves them or about heaven. Many missionaries go to Kenya, but some kids are very little and do not understand. I hope and pray every day that each one of these kids will live a long and great life and, when Jesus calls them home, for them to have had wonderful experiences in life and to be with Jesus in eternity.

So, next time you want something you really don't need or you have spare change, buy a mosquito net, and save someone's life.

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