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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Persuasive Writing: The Lutheran Malaria Initiative

Student persuasive writing about the Lutheran Malaria Initiative has inspired support for the Kids Caring for Kids Project. The Kids Caring for Kids humanitarian effort was conceived at Salem Lutheran Ministries in Tomball, Texas, and is spreading to Lutheran schools throughout the nation.

Conner Andrus, a seventh grade student at Salem Lutheran School, wrote the following persuasive essay, "Buy a Mosquito Net!" on this topic:

I would like for you to consider buying a mosquito net for kids in Kenya. Many children in Kenya are dying from malaria. If you buy a mosquito net, you are able to save a child's life by keeping them from being bitten by a malaria-carrying mosquito.

You have been blessed with your wealth. Why not, for just ten dollars, buy a net so a child may live? This may allow a child to live a full, happy life.

You may want to buy a net so that some of these children can grow up to adulthood. One of these children could grow up and teach people about God.

My final reason for supporting the Lutheran Malaria Initiative is that, by spending the small amount of ten dollars for a net, you can make a difference for eternity in the life of a child. When these children die before they hear about Jesus, they will not go to heaven. Would you like to provide the opportunity to let a child hear about Jesus and bring that child to heaven? I know I would.

These are just three reasons why I hope you will buy mosquito nets for Kenya. I hope that you have learned something today and decide to save a child's life through your gift of ten dollars to the Kids Caring for Kenya project.

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