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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Noticing Poem: "I Know" a PSIA District Meet

Last week, in the writing elective class I teach,I encouraged my students to write a Noticing Poem utilizing the refrain, I Know, to create a sandwich structure. The Noticing Poem was to focus on sounds, smells, sights, and words and was to be about something they had done or experienced.

To provide an example for my students, I wrote a Noticing Poem based on my experience as an Assistant Contest Director and judge in the ready writing portion of the Private Schools Invitational Association (PSIA) District Meet held on March 24, 2012, in Klein, Texas.


I know a PSIA District Meet... (sounds)
+ The nervous, focused quiet within the ready writing testing site
+ Squeals of delight as event rankings are posted
+ The rushing clap as classmates' hands smack each other in "high five's"

I know a PSIA District Meet... (smells)
+ The nutty aroma of freshly-brewed coffee wafting from the grading station
+ The scent of freshly-mown grass from a campus that has been manicured to prepare for guests
+ The piney smell of cleaning supplies from a recently spruced-up classroom

I know a PSIA District Meet... (sights)
+ Parents and students crowding to see the test results as they are being posted
+ Students, parents, and teachers sharing hugs with each other after contest results have been viewed
+ Signs on the classroom doors, "Quiet...Testing in Progress"

I know a PSIA District Meet... (words)
+ "How much time do we have to complete this test?"
+ "Have you seen the results, Mrs. Graumann? Four of your ready writing students are going to state!"
+ "Whether you come in first or sixth, it's an honor for you to have been chosen to represent your school."

I know a PSIA District Meet...

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